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Moreover, you may Talk to an Astrologer — NOW , to get instant replies for any problem, from our expert astrologers. Possible Health Concerns: Being governed by the Moon, the Crabs are very sensitive and vulnerable, they are prone to emotional disruptions. They easily get depressed and can be very pessimistic. They may also be susceptible to gastric problems, heartburn and obesity. They should, therefore, keep a close watch on their diet.

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As they worry a lot, they become prone to all kinds of stress-related problems. Anyway, you can avail the Remedial Solutions for Personal Issues service, basis your Natal Chart, to lead a stress-free life. You might also be interested to know about Cancer Career.

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The excitability mentioned above can lead to weak digestion, gastritis and other stomach ills, and there is a tendency to coughs and weakness of vision. Those born under this sign wear their heart on their sleeve, which is just fine by them. The Zodiac is made up of 12 different sun signs. Understanding the nature of your own zodiac sign can help you gain personal perspective, growth, and a greater connection to the universe and the earth around you. Tyga trolls Travis Scott over Kylie Jenner. Because their strengths lie in caring for others, they may be well suited to work in service oriented or nonprofit careers. Deep down, Cancerians are fragile.

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They love to create cozy, safe spaces that serve as their personal sanctuaries, then spend lots of time in them. Cancers care deeply about their families and are quick to adopt caregiver roles. But these crabs must be careful: When Cancers invest in someone emotionally, they risk blurring the line between attentive nurturing and controlling behavior. Cancers attract friends and lovers through their loyalty, commitment, and emotional depth. These crustaceans make excellent hosts and enjoy entertaining with comfort food and free-flowing libations. Though these celestial crabs avoid direct conflict by walking at an angle, they can inflict a harsh pinch with their distinctive brand of passive-aggressiveness.

Interesting Facts about Cancer Man

It may be difficult to convince a Cancer to talk openly about what's bothering them, but if you can do it without making them feel threatened, you'll build long-lasting trust. Allow astrologer Aliza Faragher to explain which signs yours is most compatible with:. Fact Sometimes Cancer need to take a few steps back to see where they missed it before they can move forward.

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Fact They usually feel more comfortable helping you with your than bombarding you with theirs. A Cancer is the most sentimental of all the zodiac signs. Fact Cancer have no interest in making shallow, meaningless connections with people. Fact Cancer are courageous leaders with a genuine concern for those they lead. Fact A Cancer bad habit is getting too attached and then having a hard time letting go when things end badly. Fact As a Cancer you always know in the back of your mind… there is more to the story.

It usually works out the way they said it would. Fact Cancer like to be strong for everybody but only wants for that one person to be strong for them at the end of the day. Fact Good laughs go a long way with cancer. Fact Most caring person you will ever meet, but can also be the most dangerous when you cross them.

Fact Zodiac Cancer Facts — Cancer can be extremely wild and adventurous or be extremely shy and introverted… it all depends on the day or environment. Fact Things that irritate a Cancer: People that withdraw affection or communication for no reason and people taking your kindness for weakness. Fact Leave it to Cancer to be very cool, calm and collective… until the person they admire in some form or fashion hurts them. Fact Cancer always goes back and forth between being as tough as nails and being as vulnerable as a child throughout their entire life. Depends on how moody they are that day. Fact A Cancer will not give up on someone because others tell them they should.

Fact Because Cancer suffers in silence, no one really knows the depth of their sorrow and pain. Fact Cancer never learn anything by being told, they have to find out for themselves. Fact Cancer will never fail to see the very best in you.. Even after all the bullshit you put them through. Fact Cancers hold onto to pain for years, and they can still feel it like it was yesterday after years have gone by.

Like losing a key and a walk to rekey service.

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Cancer men have a tendency to stick to certain rules of behavior and courtship because it makes them feel a bit safer and more secure. Fact 3: A Cancer man is reserved when he first meets someone new and it will take many more meetings before you can get close to him. Fact 8: In relationships, a Cancer man requires tenderness and reassurance, or else he might swim away from you, disappointed, hurt, and vowing never to trust another again.

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Fact The Cancer man may often find himself daydreaming about the past and spending far too much time wondering about what could have been. Fact Thrifty and shrewd describes the Cancer man when it comes to financial matters. Fact 2: The Cancer man is stylish, but conservative and favors pale blue and silver. Fact 3: When you have a Cancer man as your friend, you will have a friend for life. Fact 5: What a Cancer man would truly enjoy is a successful work-at-home opportunity where he can be close to his family.

Fact 6: Tough on the outside, sensitive on the inside, a family man, loves to please their partner, thrifty, moods shift all the time. Fact 3: The Cancer woman is full of contradiction. She has layers. Fact 4: Cancer woman is the type of woman you hope to marry. Fact 5: Cancer woman carefully chooses who she lets into her world. Consider yourself lucky. Fact 6: The Cancer woman often takes trips down memory lane.