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March 8th Solar Eclipse And The Night Of Lord Shiva – Vedic Astrology

If we refuse to change according to the needs of our evolutions, then life may feel difficult.

The best advice for this day is to forgo major life decisions and come to stillness during the daylight hours with meditation, prayer, and self-reflection. The Spring Equinox occurs right before midnight on the 19th central time and early morning the 20th for our brothers and sisters to the east. During this equal time of day and night, sun and moon, it is good to also equalize ourselves with balancing yoga practices and diet.

Alternate nostril breathing, chanting to both the sun and the moon, practicing the balance postures of yoga, and adding the balancing energy of fresh green foods to the diet are all advised. Remember that the heart center chakra is the balance point of the energetic body, so meditating with palms at the heart center is a wonderful equinox practice. Solar and lunar eclipses come in pairs, and our eclipse around the full moon in the Vedic sign of Virgo brings our attention to the hidden areas of our lives around diet, exercise, service, and healthy habits.

Venus enters Aquarius

Seeing past trauma and pain to recognize them as gifts that have brought learning and the ability to heal and help others from the tender places within. Embrace the energy of this Solar Eclipse, welcome it into your life with open arms. Click here to cancel reply. Eclipse is always a pair thing, they usually happen with new moon and full moon, being solar and lunar eclipses. Pisces energy rules over our subconscious, all things spiritual and helps us to connect with the oneness that we all are. Hi Nina, you should be able to get a good idea by looking back over the previous 6 month.

Time to make changes in these aspects of our lives over the next 30 days! Virgo moon people, and those with Virgo rising, also need to revisit their tendency to be overly self-critical during this time as well. First, do not worry. Saturn is almost retrograde half the time anyway, and its effects are usually not as obvious or bothersome as the Mercury retrogrades that we get to enjoy 3 or 4 times a year.

The North Node shows us that for the next good while, this is our work. Rewrite beliefs and you rewrite perception. Rewrite perception and you rewrite genes and behavior… I am free to change how I respond to the world, so as I change the way I see the world I change my genetic expression. We are not victims of our genes.

Eclipses of the Moon

We are masters of genetics. Chiron has the key. He carries the healing energy necessary for us to alter our perceptions and to love ourselves enough to take our whole self through this fog to the clear shore. Our wounds from our current and previous lifetimes are exposed at this eclipse.

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We are on the table in the operating theater. And we are performing self-surgery. We are ready to perform the operation. We are ready to perceive the expanded and updated truth of ourselves — ready to drop the convenient narratives and favorite familiar sufferings that retard our growth and imped our ability to love. If we are to move forward we must take our whole healed self with us.

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We see that clearly. No bits left behind.

Clear it out. Let it go.

Solar & Lunar Eclipses: Tables

And let that someone be you. Have an amazing Vernal Equinox on March 19 — 20, depending on where you are on the planet. This is when the real New Year begins!!! Her deep understanding of the complexities of all levels of astrology is so apparent as she whips out your chart and slices and dices it.

Total Solar Eclipse: March 8th & 9th, 2016 - Sidereal Astrology

No joke - she's one of my greatest manifestations yet! Without question, I have never had the blessing to come across a more highly gifted astrologer. She is exquisitely knowledgeable, professional, and a true oracle of the heavens, effortlessly marrying her intuitive sense with her reading of charts.

Solar Eclipse Meaning

Solar Eclipse, Feb 26 , 08° Pisces. Lunar Eclipse, March 13 , 22° Virgo. Lunar Eclipse, Aug 8 , 15° Aquarius. Solar Eclipse, Aug 22 , 29° Leo. The solar eclipse on Tuesday 8 March at 18°55′ Pisces falls in Pisces decan 2. The solar eclipse astrology focuses on the healing of a.

All with a fabulous sense of humour, sensitivity, and compassion when the planets are really giving you a challenging period to work with. I'm left speechless after every reading. Birth Chart, Transits and Progressions, and Astrocartography - she'll blow you away. As a medical doctor, healer and spiritual teacher, I've had the deepest privilege to work with many gifted people and masters, but I can say this with my hand on my heart: Rene's talent and finesse in making the movements of the heavens intelligible and understandable to those she works with during this period in humanity's evolution has truly brought a dimension of clarity to the way I navigate in my life and understand the words: "As above.

So Below". If you've chanced upon her webpage; look no further. Your whole life is about to have an entire additional dimension of insight, potential, and magic added to it. Her transit readings are stellar. I appreciate her clarity and the simple compassionate way she communicates her findings.

I never feel like she is trying to fix me, nor do I feel her inserting her own agenda or personal ideas about my situation. Rather — she paints a clear picture of my astrological nature, what I am likely experiencing at the moment and what I can expect in the near and further future. I leave sessions with her feeling deeply seen, understood and with a clearer sense of what is going on as well as what I would do well to focus on moving forward. She also tends to give me a good heads-up to the challenges I need to look out for and how I can navigate those challenges in order to experience the most ease and benefit possible.

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Clear, professional, knowledgeable and an all-around pleasure! All Rights Reserved. Full and New Moon Reports , Slider. Related Posts. Click here to cancel reply. Social Links. Angela Economakis MD.